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First Post in Awhile…Again.

Posted by craigbaltz on January 8, 2010

Feeling a little numb right now.  A few months ago I posted about losing a close friend and that it was the first person close to me that had died.  My mom just died on Dec 22.  I’m not sure how this affects others, I guess I can only speak for how this affects me.  Losing your parents is a strange experience.  It only happens twice – and for me the world looks a little different.  I’m a grown man, 45 years old, have lived on my own for many years.  I have been gone to remote areas of the planet – so it isn’t like I’m a momma’s boy joined at the hip and can’t take care of myself.  That being said, it was my mom.  We were VERY close.  I called her all the time and visited this armpit of a city called Fresno to visit her and my dad many, many times after leaving 20 years ago.  It feels very very weird to know that I won’t be able to talk to her anymore.  I don’t even know what to do with that knowledge.  I’ve got nowhere to put it, no way to understand it.  I guess a lot of people have gone through it, a lot of those people were close to their parents also – but it doesn’t lessen my pain.  Not one bit.

I’m glad my mother is no longer suffering.  My dad, my brother and I will all find ways to deal with our grief and move on without her.  But the world is a much cold and lonelier place for losing her.

Repost of a song that is appropriate for my mom :  JR Richard

Finding it diffcult to go out and socialize, but aiming for a trip to Las Vegas in February.  Two days of playing rugby, two days of watching an International rugby tournament (hopefully with VIP passes promised from a friend!!!) – and four days of Vegas debauchery.  I need a vacation badly.

Comments on some random sports crap…

Saw Invictus and the film was excellent! Obviously with Eastwood directing, Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon – it was bound to be good.  The rugby scenes were pretty realistic (much better than Forever Strong), and the story about saving South Africa after the end of Apartheid was very moving.  How strong is the heart of a man willing to forgive and work with the people that kept him captive for nearly 30 years – when he was in a position to hurt them!  It’s amazing how good some people can be.  Could we do the same?

The Gilbert Arenas gun fiasco is just more fuel on the fire to show how unattached athletes have become with society.  Would it ever cross a normal persons mind to take 4 weapons to work?  Or expect that there wouldn’t be consequences to that?  Or think that it was OK to take them out in the workplace to play a joke on someone – if that’s what he was doing?  Good things don’t happen when you are carrying a gun.  These guys – Plaxico Burress, Pacman Jones, however long the list is – you don’t need a gun to protect yourself as if people are out to get you.  You need a gun because of the life that you lead and the places you choose to go.  Don’t make it out to be a defensive maneuver of protecting yourself.  It’s an offensive maneuver they choose to make to keep their tough guy, I remember where I came from mentality.

The Giants signed Mark DeRosa to a two year $12M contact.  Good guy, like his versatility.  Apparently he is a good team guy also, will play anywhere, bat anywhere for the good of the team.  Career average of .275 and maybe 15 homers and 60 RBI’s isn’t going to make any impact on the Giants lineup.  We need a bopper.  Without a 35 homerun guy batting cleanup, it will be the same endless barrage of 2-1 and 3-2 losses.  Opponents will quickly discover they can walk Pablo Sandoval (unless he steps over the plate to swing at shit) without the threat of any other damage in the lineup.  The most hilarious signing of the offseason so far by ANY team, has to be the Giants signing of Tony Pena, Jr.  Mind you the Giants were dead last in the universe in On Base Percentage.  Yes, I know, Pena will be a backup or minor leaguer – but you gotta laugh at the strategy when you are trying to make your team more disciplined – and you sign a guy who has 20 walks in 829 career at bats.  Yes that is right – 20 WALKS!!  This guy must be swing at stuff over his head and pitches bouncing up there.  Maybe the Giants will  contiunue with the Royals strategy of switching him to a pitcher.  Best I can tell he hits like one.
Non-sports stuff:

Read a very good book called The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls.  Unlike a novel which tells a specific story, a memoir of this type would bring on different emotions and memories in each person who reads it.  it is the story of a young girl, her two sisters and brother and her EXTREMELY dysfunctional parents – and her life growing up.  Their story is conversely sad and happy, a story of some good lifes lessons learned, countered by tough stories of very unhealthy and sometimes dangerous situations their parents exposed them to.  As I read it reminded me of stories of my own youth, mixed with stories of my friends families, and stories I’ve heard as an adult that people have told me about their experiences growing up.  Most of my guy friends wouldn’t enjoy this book, a little too emotional for them, but they would certainly be better off for reading it.  Very thought provoking – at least for me.

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