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Miscellaneous stupid things I’ve heard recently

Posted by craigbaltz on March 8, 2010

*On “This Week with George” this morning George Will said that 42 cents of every dollar our federal government is spending – is borrowed.  Assuming that is accurate…Holy crap.  To put that in perspective, let’s say you had a salary of $580 a week.  To meet your bills, in addition to that you borrowed an additional $420 EVERY week.   Do you know how fast you’d be bankrupt?  That’s how our government is running itself.

*In the Fresno Bee last week there was a story about state employees cashing out huge sums of unused vacation and sick time.  Despite rules limiting this – one doctor at a state prison was allowed to cash out over  $800,000.  Another guy who was fired in an ethics probe that found huge violations was allowed to cash out over $500,000.  Nice parting prize.

*Also heard recently that Medicare is the largest non-funded program in the Federal Government.  It costs $160 Billion a year and it will be bankrupt in 8 years.  Just like Social Security.  Social Security should have 4.3 Trillion in holdings.  Problem is the Federal gov’t “borrows” to pay other bills.  I assume they don’t pay interest when they do this…not that they have any intention of paying it back.  Anyway – they’ve borrowed nearly $2.5 Trillion from Social Security.  That’s some of my retirement money.  I’ve been paying into it since I was 16.  It is supposed to be bankrupt in 2037.

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  1. Russell Fike said

    Happy Birthday…46th..ouch
    I hope you have a great day.
    We need to get together.


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