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I never thought it would happen

Posted by craigbaltz on August 15, 2010

I have always been kind of a late bloomer.  I was always smart enough and was always a good athlete but never concentrated on anything.  I didn’t play organized sports in high school or take anything seriously.  I was commonly known as the best athlete to not letter in a sport.  Most certainly nothing to be proud of.  The football coach and wrestling coaches tried to recruit me, the principal called me into his office twice to give me pep talks about running for student council telling me that I shouldn’t waste my personality and intellect.  I was unmoved.   I didn’t join the Air Force until I was 24.  I had passed 8 units of college by then at Fresno City College and had dropped about 80 units worth of classes.  The military taught me some discipline.  I became much neater and much more organized.  I started taking and actually completing college courses.  I put all my emphasis on one sport and became a relatively accomplished rugby player.

But in all my time of being a late bloomer, my latest accomplishment may top them all.  In March I met a fantastic woman, Melissa, and shortly thereafter an act of nature took place which I will not document here.  The effect of that act is that she is going to be a mother (again) and I’m going to be a father (for the first time).  Her three sons will be brothers to a yet gender unidentified sibling.   My child is going to be an Aunt or Uncle to Mattix (the grandson) who will be two years older than him or her.  Confused?  Me too.

I’m 46.  Two months after my child is born I will turn 47.  When my child is 8 I will be eligible for Senior Citizens discounts at many places.  At 13 years of age, I will be celebrating my 60th year!!  At 18 I will be 65 and probably on full blown Social Security if it still exists. 

I am extremely happy.  Melissa is 8 years younger than me and apparently has access to the Fountain of Youth because she says she’ll never be 40.  The pregnancy is going well so far and we are praying for an easy pregnancy and birth. 

I used to joke about my family tree not branching.  The family line was going to end with me.  I have a brother who will never reproduce.  All of my friends have always said I’d be a great Dad.  Well no more wondering we get to find out.   I just wish my Mom could be here to share in this with us.  She would have been the best Grandma ever.

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One Response to “I never thought it would happen”

  1. Beverly said

    MANY, many congratulations! You deserve so much happiness and you WILL make a wonderful father. Best wishes and many prayers sent to the heavens for you and your budding family.

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