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Unreality, Connor, Non-existent jobs, SF Giants

Posted by craigbaltz on April 3, 2011

Before I start talking about the more important things in my life, a quick note about something basically irrelevant.  A couple of months ago I was home watching TV alone while Melissa was in the hospital and I was taking care of the baby.  While flipping channels late at night I saw two shows on that I had never seen but had heard a lot about.  I live in a house with an 18 year old boy, who is aware of everything cool and teenagerish.  I had heard many comments since moving in the house about “Bad Girls Club” and I had a basic idea that the show consisted of a bunch of idiotic young women arguing with each other.  I had an opinion, but it was uneducated since I had never seen the show.  So this night while flipping channels I decided to indoctrinate myself to the world of “Bad Girls Club” and “Jersey Shore.”  I watched about five minutes of each and after that I was about ready to throw myself off of a cliff.  You might think I’m trying to be funny – but I am embarrassed to be part of the same species, to share the planet in a world where these shows not only exist, but are popular.  Melissa has a sixteen year old niece whose goal in life is to be on the Bad Girls Club.  I don’t even know how to communicate how completely…screwed up that is.  I am ashamed and disappointed that there are people who act that way, gain popularity for it, and that there are people who encourage and profit from it by producing a television show that glorifies such horrible behavior.  These people become popular.  The “Situation” dude is rich.  Seriously does anybody realize how fucked up that is?  He makes a LOT of money for being a complete douche on a show full of complete douches.  “Snooki” a complete bitch, idiot, loser from the show just got a $32,000 speaking fee to do a one hour Q&A session at Rutgers University.  Why does anybody care what she has to say?  She made as much in one hour as many hard-working people make in a year.  It makes me sad and embarrassed.  It makes me want to turn off the TV and go read a good book.  Or move somewhere that they don’t have Dish Network or Cable TV and 300 channels full of drivel.

So…We have a baby.  New Years Eve at 7:45pm, Connor Allan Baltz was brought into the world at 5 pounds 7 ounces.  He was born at 35 1/2 weeks, and although small was completely healthy.  They were actually going to release us the next day, which is unheard of for a premie like that.  Melissa had a lot of minor problems which all piled up to cause some major problems for her.  Although Connor was always healthy, Melissa had nagging issues thought the pregnancy.  She had many of the the symptoms of preeclampsia.  Water retention and swelling, high blood pressure, light headedness, seeing stars, etc.  She was on bedrest for about the last month and we thought the problems would go away when she had the baby.  They did briefly then the symptoms came back in force.  Her blood pressure shot up to 185/100 her feet and legs swelled up like balloons.  She was in danger of having a stroke.  We took her to the hospital and she ended up spending four days there.  Everything seems to be under control now.  She had water in her lungs and around her heart.  They gave her medicine to flush it and the other excess water out of her body.  Melissa lost 30 pounds of water in a couple of days and felt a hundred times better.  While she was in the hospital I would visit her most of the day and then go home to take care of the new baby.  It was trial by fire, and intro by immersion to changing diapers and feeding a newborn for me.  It was good to spend the time together though.  Connor is now 3 months old and pushing 13 pounds.  He is healthy and happy, for the most part.  He’s spoiled rotten and has taken to crying whenever he is awake and not being held.  But for three months old he is strong as an ox.  From a couple of weeks he has been holding his head up and looking around.  He is grasping and swinging things and if you hold him up he makes the motions to try to walk.  Every parent knows it’s a life changing experience.  The world changes focus when you have somebody who depends on you like that.  He makes me want to be a better person, to set a better standard.  How can I expect him to do the right things, if I don’t?

I’m still looking for a job.  Wasn’t even thinking about how long it’s been, the days pass and time flies.  With the baby and assorted injuries I’ve now been unemployed August 1.  Eight months. Luckily We are in a good financial situation – very few bills and we are getting by just fine.  There are so few jobs to even apply for.  You want evidence that the middle class has disappeared – look at the classifieds.  Everything is minimum wage or management.  Mid range, decent paying , hard-working  jobs have nearly disappeared from our country.  The ones that exist are filled and many will disappear by the time any of those people give them up.  I’ve had nary a nibble on a decent job.  I’m trying to catch on with the railroad in Fresno.  It is the first ray of hope so far.  Good job, good benefits, I have a connection.  I’d like to find something challenging to be a career, settle down and stop changing towns and jobs.  I love my girlfriend and my baby, her family and our home.  I’ve even come to tolerate Fresno.  I don’t want to have to go somewhere else to find a job.  If we make a decision to move somewhere for a better life at some point, that’s fine.  I don’t want to do it out of desperation.

New Giants season with high hopes.  Why not?  World Series last year and we have a better team this year.  No holes in the lineup.  A little depth, great pitching – but everything has to go right.  A couple slumps, an off-year by Cain or Lincecum, injuries – anything could put a big kink in the chain.  My prediction for the year is 94-68 and the wildcard, 2nd place to the Rockies.  Red Sox have to be the favorites for the WS.  Adding Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez to that lineup is scary.

Fresno Rugby is off to a 7-0 start.  Big game next week against Santa Rosa.  We charter a tour bus for the five hour trip.  If we win the ride back is a lot of fun.  Party the whole way, if we lose it will be like somebody died.  I wish I could play, but my appendix burst a few weeks ago and is still healing, and I just tore my rotator cuff so I can barely lift my arm.  Playing is not even an option.  Can’t tackle with one arm.  The week after Santa Rosa it’s Golden Gate at home in Fresno on April 16.  1pm at Fresno Regional Sports Complex a couple miles west of 41 on Jensen. It’s good to watch Fresno rugby doing so well though.  They went 10-0 and won NorCal D2 last year.  Kind of got screwed in seedings and had to play Snake River, a perennial D2 powerhouse at their home field and got eliminated before the sweet 16.  The window for that kind of success is narrow, a few years while key players are in their prime.  Last year was a tremendows let down.  Fresno beat Golden Gate 55-10 and they made the final four!!!  I know the guys who are starting don’t want to feel that way again.  Another old team of mine Colorado Springs is in first place in the Eastern Rockies D2 Union (ERRFU).  Great to see the two clubs I spent the majority of my career with having so much national success.

One Response to “Unreality, Connor, Non-existent jobs, SF Giants”

  1. Peggy Ann said

    Cool blog. I know exactly what you mean about the job thing. People undeserving get money from a generation of youth that are lazy and uneducated on important subjects like politics (and the giants…go giants.) The Bible tells me he will never leave me nor forsake me. So I know He will provide for us even in a horrible economy. What an obstacle to overcome with the pregnancy. I have some long term problems due to mine, but I’m relatively healthy and I’m thankful for that. Glad to here your doing well too. Hope to here more from you soon. Again, kudos on the blog.

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